When the proverbial hits the fan what do you do?

Pull the covers over your head, reach for a glass of wine, hyperventilate or run for the hills?

With Adrienne Gulliver, my special guest in today’s episode, we could have spent our time talking about our shared history. We go all the way back to pre mobile phones as well as before we knew hair straighteners were a thing. Straighteners would have been a godsend in the 80’s!

Adrienne has years of experience running ER’s in her previous life as a Registered Nurse, so I wanted to know what she’s doing now, and how she answers that all important question: What do you do when the proverbial hits the fan? We know our life and business journey’s are full of ups and downs, despite us being ‘trying’ to be positive, so this question keeps it real.

Dissolving emotional charge caused by imbalanced perceptions, figuring out why people do what they do, as well as devising personal strategies for moving her clients forward, is behind the work that Adrienne has been doing for over a decade.

How did Adrienne get to where she is now and how did she choose to do what she’s doing?

Have you ever wanted to know what inspires you, motivates you, or what you are really here to do?

Adrienne’s answers may surprise you and help you to figure out these your answers to these important questions. When Adrienne’s life changed, there was a pivotal moment that had her looking for answers to some of those very important questions, and changed the trajectory of her life from that moment on.

Some of the topic we cover in todays episode:

Is pain or pleasure the best motivator?

What does dissolving emotional charge really mean?

What is Adrienne’s Metanoia Method and how can it help you?

Who Adrienne finds inspiring and why?

This weeks book recommendation

To find out more about Adrienne and the work she does , you’ll find her at [email protected]

Listen in now.

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Author – Adrienne Gulliver

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