Let your voice be your own, not the echo of other’s.


The Setting

It’s mid-day on a warm spring day in 2011 at a pre-school in New Zealand with a roll of 26 kids, ages ranging from 2 to 6 years. The common area of the classroom is set up for the children to eat lunch.

The story: the teacher’s point of view.

“On this day we had one newly enrolled student called Daniel join the pre-school. It is now lunchtime and the children assemble with their packed lunches and sit at the designated tables.

There is hardly any noise except for the sound of lunch boxes and packages opening. All seems well and our new boy is standing by one of the classroom pillars eating his lunch. I then see George, a moderately built 4-year-old boy get up from his seat and go over to our new entrant. George shakes his closed fist in the face of Daniel; it’s a threatening gesture although no physical contact is made.

We have had challenges with George and his threatening behavior to other children. I call him a ‘bully’. I approach George and Daniel with exasperation; I ask our new entrant Daniel, “What do you dislike about George’s behavior?”  The protocol I follow is one where we give the power back to the victim. Daniel stares at me and says nothing.

I repeat the question to Daniel, giving George a stern look. Daniel says nothing.

This is typical of George’s behavior and I sent him back to his lunch with a reprimand that his behavior is not acceptable. We have a zero tolerance for bullying at our pre-school and we encourage empowerment of those who are bullied.”

This is the story told to me when I asked the pre-school teacher to give me an example of an event, which she has labelled as a ‘bullying incident’.

This is the pre-school teacher’s view and one version, but what actually happened is another story.


What clients say about Adrienne.

"The benefits have been awe-inspiring by ensuring us to lift the burden and stress from our lives which hinder a person’s ability to respond accordingly for the future."
- C H. NZ
"Often we are stuck in a bubble that does not enable us to breath or see in the deepest or widest way. Often we have become so embedded in narrow thought that we are crushing our soul, our physical, our intellectual being. The course, the journey through this allows you to open yourself to new learnings through a different way of thinking, of seeing ourselves and others. This course is the opening of many highways."
"There is no one else in the world I would entrust to develop my growth both personally and professionally than Adrienne.  She is highly intuitive and skilled with a mastery of the Demartini Method."
- T.M. Australia
"This program has helped me to take my skills as a coach to a new level. Adrienne has a brilliant way of simplifying concepts and providing insightful perspectives. I would do this program again."
Alex Perez – Sydney 2019
"Adrienne’s seminar has truly been life changing. She has enabled me to unblock and deal with issues that no one else has been able to or several years. For the first time in my life I truly know my purpose and have the confidence to achieve that. Truly life Changing!"
Joe Pece – Adelaide 2019
"Adrienne. You are a master at what you know and what you do. I came to the I AM Unique Seminar because you ran it. The gifts I gained were phenomenal. The jumps I made wer massive, on purpose and “effortless”."
Maria Taylor – Adelaide 2019
"Adrienne is a highly talented presenter and facilitator who has powerful innovative and creative ideas and tools in leading edge transformation of growing the human potential. I highly recommend her work, both individual and her group program – I AM Unique Seminar. Take advantage of a unique experience to uncovering the truth of being you."
Dr Erika Yeates – Sydney 2019
"Thank you to Adrienne for giving me the tools and guidance for self discovery and opening my heart to past experiences that I held onto. I have a new outlook on life and have such a freeing sensations. I can face any challenge that comes my way."
Nadia Hamer – Taupo 2019
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