Very few of us would readily put our hand up to say, “Yes, that is my error.” or “Yes, I did that!”. However, in the video below, I share a strategy that takes you to own your own mistake and how empowering that becomes. Author – Adrienne...


Are you being praised? – or is something else going on? If you are uncomfortable receiving praise or seeking praise, this video is for you. Find out what praise means. Find out how to accept praise without being uncomfortable. Find out what seeking praise means....


Here’s what you don’t know about the ‘late person’ that is a game-changer.How irritating is it for you when a work colleague or employee is late to work? No matter the reason for the lateness or the rationale, you still get annoyed. We judge this as a lack of courtesy...
The Power of Being Boring!

The Power of Being Boring!

I never thought it would be possible for something to be both boring and cool, but it seems that there is a certain appeal to being boring. When I embrace my dullness, I can’t help but smile. I also find myself smiling when I meet others who are boring as if we...
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