‘Insecure’, ‘low self esteemer’, ‘needy and dependent’. ‘Depressed’ and ‘lacking in motivation’ are descriptions of a person with low self-worth.

The exciting thing about self-worth is that it is usually based on your own perception.

Your perception of who you are.

Your perception of what you should or should not have done.

Your perception of what others think of you.

So it looks like it comes down to Your Perception. As the Stoic Marcus Aurelius said, “Our life is what our thoughts make it”.

Another vital ingredient in solving the riddle of self-worth is ‘unstacking’. Unstacking is the process of decluttering Self-Worth. As humans, we will pull a whole range of perceptions together, put them in a box and call it Low Self Worth. Solving Self Worth is a different process from Solving being Needy. Hence, the need for Unstacking.

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Author – Adrienne Gulliver