Avoidance of Gluten – is it your only choice?


The gluten debate continues with varying opinions regarding the classification of symptoms of gluten intolerance.  Treatments for gluten intolerance all point to the avoidance of gluten. Avoidance works. Yet gluten is still ruling your digestive tract. This infiltrates to other parts of your life. Have you been in the position where you and your friend are choosing a café and one of you is gluten intolerant?

The symbol (gf) becomes your focus when reviewing a menu.

So rather than avoid gluten, face gluten and what you can learn from the intolerance.

Gluten is a protein that provides elasticity.  It binds or holds together.  Looking at the mind body relationship we will use the metaphor bind or holds together as our guide.  Let us see what we can learn from gluten.  What follows is a sequence of questions that may provide some relief from your gluten sensitivity symptoms.  

Scan through your life as if you are watching your life play out on a large cinema screen. Look for the male who you perceived binds and holds things together.  This person can be a Father, Brother, Uncle or other family member.  It can be your husband or partner.  They may show this ability of binding or holding a family together.  Or within a team or relationship.  I have had a client admire this ability in an American Sportsman.

Bring forth into your mind memories of this person demonstrating this ability.  Visualise three separate memories on a cinema screen, get the sense of how you feel in the memory.   Observe this person holding things together.  Look at what they are doing in the memory.

Once you have identified the person and identified the actions in the memories. It is time to get to work.

  •  Who is this male person?
  •  Write down the action this person demonstrated in each of the three memories.
  •  Take yourself back to the first memory and the action demonstrated. 
  • Ask yourself:


“How is this action displayed by this person a drawback to me?


  •  Write down the answer.
  •  Review your answer and if the answer is minimising to you, then cross out this answer.
  • If you crossed out the answer then go back to the memory and the action and ask the question again.  
  • How is this action displayed by this person a drawback to me?
  • Only when your answer is not minimising to you, can you then ask and how is this answer a drawback to me?
  • When you have completed  the first memory.  Go to the second and the third memory and complete the same sequence.

The result of your processing through the sequence will have an effect.  Although results will vary, from no symptoms to a reduction in symptoms.  Or you may find no relief in symptoms.  The sequence will be challenging, but so are the symptoms of gluten intolerance. You are worth the effort.


Client testimonials;


‘My symptoms were completely gone straight away.’ DC

‘It is freeing to eat what I choose.’ LS

‘It is weird as I am eating gluten products and I keep expecting to get pain, but it does not happen.‘ WH

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* Disclaimer: The writers intent is to provide possibilities for those with  gluten intolerance.   If symptoms persist please seek medical attention. 

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Author – Adrienne Gulliver