Boot camps are about getting into action.  An Inner boot camp is about getting your thinking into action.


For action to occur thinking is required.


Picture a recent challenge, did you noticed a raft of emotions come flooding in.  Emotions such as fear,  anger, dismay, and sadness.  These emotions and the challenge combine to block your thinking.


Bootcamp your thinking with a four-day retreat in Bali.   On your boot camp, your mind will be working to reveal options. On your boot camp you will learn tools to get you through the challenges.  Your senses will take in Bali’s sights and sounds and the tastes of their culture.


This is the ideal time and environment for your Inner Boot camp.


Do both the thinking and action by Contacting  Adrienne to book your seat as numbers are limited.




What others are saying:


“Clarity, reduced stress levels.”  – T. S. NZ


“I feel released from my guilt and concern about events. Free yeah!” – J.M NZ


“Thank you Adrienne for helping me through some of my darkest moments to bring me to this point. I dissolved perceptions of myself, a great release and I received a message I needed to hear. – L.B – Auckland, NZ


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