Set the date as it is time to find out more about you and your own mastery.

This Programme has been presented in Sydney and Johannesburg now its Auckland’s time.

5 days on You


Presented by Adrienne & Jodie


Jan 6th – 10th 2016

Auckland, New Zealand

Mastering Your life

‘Your own  mastery, reveals the gifts you have to offer… it is a revealing and amazing journey.’ Adrienne

         All you need know about the event:

* the where *the what is it about * and the costs

Master – Auckland


Early Bird & couple special prices available


contact Adrienne today to secure your seat.

You can choose to complete the 5 days or you can choose to attend a few days what is covered:

Dissolve a challenge or block.

Self worth & confidence

Who I Am & how will this get me what I want?

What my purpose?

Build a model – demonstrating mastery

Tidbits on:  Speaking / Finances / Acumen


& More

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